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i spent the most of christmas and the day after watching the two seasons of the l-word. god, i was hooked. i mean there is one thing watching if this walls could talk one and two. eight dvds of conversation, hot sex and cute women, now thats priceless. it bugged me though that there was only one character who was black. whats up with that. and another thing, all the girls were umm skinny. ok, so granted that im rather sensitive about how i look nowadays, but c'mon, really not all lesbians are size 0-6!!

i'm bored about my current blog space and since im not skilled in web design et al. i'm going to stick it out with blogger until some good samaritan can hook me up with some hot design. so, whats been happening with me besides think of cute girls you ask, planning extensively this 30th year of my exsistance. i have one more semister of school and thats it. at least for a year. ive become a wanna be born again gikuyu.

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Blogger Veronica said...

What kind of hot design?

Veronica from

10:11 PM  
Blogger nehanda said...

emailed you thanks..

1:12 PM  

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