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over the years. ive learnt im no stranger to depression. initially, like anything unpleasant, i've ignored its urging, hypothesized its insignificance and reduced its impact as passing. it has not been easy and quite frankly, not the best way to live. ive done the psycho-analysis and toyed with the idea of anti-depressants. it is two remarkable years that i have not taken any of those pharmaceutical hindrances and even though it does work for many, for me, i am reduced to a blithering fool. i have applauded this achievement with great humbleness and thankfulness to the infintness of the universe. now, that i am living after the surgery, i realize that besides the sores and aches that transverse through my chest, the familiar menance is lurking in the shadows. & for the first time in a long, long time, i am afraid of this thing.

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