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Daily Om
December 1, 2006
Wherever You Are
Home Is Where The Heart Is
The word “home” has a wide variety of connotations. To some, home is merely a place where basic needs are addressed. To others, home is the foundation from which they draw their strength and tranquility. Still, others view home as a place inexorably linked to family. Yet all these definitions of home imply somewhere we can be ourselves and are totally accepted. There, we feel safe enough to let down our guard, peaceful enough to really relax, and loved enough to want to return day after day. However, these qualities need not be linked to a single space or any space at all. Home is where the heart is and can be the locale you live in, a community you once lived in, or the country where you plan to live someday. Or home can be a feeling you carry inside yourself, wherever you are.

The process of evolution can require you to undergo transformations that uproot you. Moving from place to place can seem to literally divide you from the foundations you have come to depend on. Since your home is so intimately tied to the memories that define you, you may feel that you are losing a vital part of yourself when you leave behind your previous house, city, state, or country. And as it may take some time before you fashion new memories, you may feel homeless even after settling into your new abode. To carry your home with you, you need only become your own foundation. Doing so is merely a matter of staying grounded and centered, and recognizing that the pleasures you enjoyed in one place will still touch your heart in another if you allow them.

Your home can be any space or state of being that fulfills you, provided you are at peace with yourself and your surroundings. A person can feel like home to you, as can seasons and activities. If you feel disconnected from what you once thought of as home, your detachment may be a signal that you are ready to move one. Simply put, you will know you have found your home when both your physical environment and energetic surroundings are in harmony with the individual you are within.

i have often remarked to my friends how much i miss my home. in the five years ive been living in the usa, i have yet to see this place where i rest my head as anything but a transit stop. with the events of this last summer, i am slowly moving to looking at the us.a in a different light. i recognize that i am not in kenya anymore. i dont live in africa anymore. & being here is not a mistake or a kismet error. it is purposeful, on point, and lets face it, i finally have a room of my own.

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Blogger AfroFeminista said...

So true! Home is where your head rests and it only becomes so, when we accept our positioning and location at any given time - with all the good and bad it might portend.

Have a blessed 2007

9:44 AM  
Blogger Mchokozi said...

A friend of mine contends that 'home is where you sleep!'; but I agree with your view that home is the foundation (here, abroad, etc) from which we draw our strength, inspiration and tranquility.

12:13 PM  
Blogger dookie said...

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7:57 PM  

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